Monday, December 31, 2007

Still Meme

Still Loving: my job, my car and my laptop
Still Not: eating healthy consistantly
Still Glad: I work at Curves (and work out there, too!)
Still Enjoying: Having my grandson live su
Still Doing: my workouts on a regular basis (3 to 4 times a week)
Still Proud: of my daughters, they are amazing women and good mothers
Still Amazed: by how much my husband loves me
Still Hoping: to create more opportunities to speak and teach
Still Grateful: that God brought us to Ashland
Still Wanting: get training for grantwriting
Still Trying: to be consistant in my devotions
Still Failing: reading the Bible through in a year
Still Passionate About: helping people develop there potential
Still Taking up new things: like new counties to work in (helping to create our program in to new counties this year)
Still Dating: myself everytime I open my mouth
Still Have Not: ever had a manicure
Still Working: too much
Still Reading: about writing
Still Thinking: about writing
Still Wondering: what God has for me
Still Dressing: comfortably, but the quality has improved greatly
Still To Do: so much (I guess I have my own “bucket list”
Still Cherishing: my family, husband, and grandsweeties
Still Trying to Never: give up or give in
Still Will Aways: trust in God
Still, Still: I read that and I am reminded of my need to be still, and remember Who’s in charge here!

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Anonymous said...

Daisymarie!!! You go out and get a manicure and pedicure!! You deserve it and will be thrilled you did!!