Thursday, December 06, 2007

Still Breathing

Since I plan to use this computer quite a bit I convinced our president to allow me to download the business’ copy of Microsoft Office. It includes spreadsheet and power point. I’m excited to have a real typing program.

I have been trying to figure out how to download stuff from Youtube. I would love to be able to use some things when I teach. I found a really great piece on forgiveness (by the Forgiveness Project called the hardest word) that I would loved to used with my lesson tomorrow in the jail. There was a song that was really cool too, but alas it’s just not working.

Nelson talked with Mr. R again today and he had connected with a prominent attorney in town who is currently too busy to take the case but he made a referral and Nelson was able to talk with him briefly today. He wants to meet with us later next week. This guy is also one of the ones that the jury lady recommended, too.

Tonight was our Christmas dinner for work. It was okay. Tomorrow is the Christmas dinner for our Sunday School. I just don’t have the heart for partying, but I’ll do it because it’s expected of me.

That’s all for tonight. Sweet dreams.

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