Sunday, December 23, 2007

MBTI 101

E or I
This is about how you get energy.
E gets energy from being with others: extraversion.
I gets energy being alone: introversion.

S or N
This is about how you gather information.
S gathers facts, sees what present, relies on senses: sensing.
N sees possibilities and trusts intuition: iNtuitive.

T or F
This is about how you make decisions.
T makes decisions based on facts and justice: thinking.
F makes decisions based on social and personal values: feeling.

J or P
This is how you organize life.
J is very organized, think day timer, think planned: judging
P is spontaneous and free-floating: percieving.

Here's someplace you can go on line to take a simplified and scored test and get your results:

It would be fun to know what results you come up with.

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wilsonian said...

Merry Christmas, from an INFJ :)