Monday, December 31, 2007

To Do List

Another journal friend shared that she was going to make a list of 40 things she was going to do in her 40th year of life. I wish I had thought of this last year and done 50 things for my 50th year of life. Since I didn't I'm doing it for my 51st year...

51 Things to do in 2008
Lose 20 pounds and keep it off so that I go into the next year lighter and healthier.
Write three pieces and send them to be considered for publishing.
Come up with an outline and/or chapters for three different books.
Attend a training on MBTI.
Clean out the dining room so that it can be a useful space.
Reclaim the office. Cull books. File items. Take stuff to work.
Learn to make three or four new recipes that my family will want me to make more than once (that means I’m going to have to cook more and try several recipes that probably would be enjoyed by others—very far away).
Plant flowers.
Ride my bike at least one time a week.
Visit my mom in Arizona.
Buy a house.
Shop at a few auctions to furnish the new house with choice antique pieces.
Take a one day spiritual retreat each quarter of the year (making 4 for the year).
Take a class on Microsoft Excell.
Organize and put my files away at work.
Go on a weekend away with Annie.
Attend Women of Faith.
Bake cookies for Chairos prison ministry.
Hook up my surround sound speakers.
Practice my calligraphy and make some Christmas gifts with it.
Get a family photo done.
Read 4 novels.
Read a book on philosophy.
Read 4 biographies. I’m very interested in DaVinci so I think that’s one I’ll read for sure.
Write a successful grant to get money for Transformation Network to get the roof replaced and possibly the parking lot re-surfaced.
Attend a workshop on how to write successful grants.
Create a workbook with my lessons in it.
Arrange a hot air balloon ride for Nelson’s 50th birthday.
Write in my journal everyday.
Go to Shipshawana.
Have a play day with Beth.
Take the grandkids to the fair (or fairs).
Complete my Gramma’s Memory Book.
Help Nelson complete the Grampa’s Memory Book.

Okay, that’s 35. I’m going to keep thinking about these and come up with 15 more before tomorrow.

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