Friday, December 21, 2007


I think my tonsils have taken up a new hobby: ping pong. I did some scouring of webmd and feel confident that I don’t have strep throat. Strep is not typically accompanied by a cough. My cough is deep and bronchial. This leads me to believe that I am at the beginning stages of a good old fashioned case of bronchitis or based on the alternating tonsil pain just plain old tonsillitis. Both are probably viral, and we all know that the cure for viral infections is time, rest, and fluids. Yehaw.

Last night my throat became so ouchie that I actually gave in to taking one of those melt on your tongue Chloraseptic papery things. Ugh!!! I have NEVER been a fan of Chloraseptic—especially since that was the medicine of choice when I was in college. We used to tease that the nurse would give you Chloraseptic if you broke your leg. Nasty stuff to me. I slept fine when I finally fell asleep. I drank two cups of tea and honey before bed seeking relief. What I got was a caffeine buzz that revved me up when I wanted drift off to z-land.

This morning my throat is less sore, but I’m also seeming to about to lose my voice. This is not a good development. I have to teach class at the jail for two hours this morning. Our choir presentation is Sunday night. The choir also sings at 2 of the three services on Christmas Eve. And I’m singing a duet (O Holy Night) with the choir director then, too. Maybe I need some of that duct tape for my mouth after class is done. Hmmmmm?

Yesterday I taught class here in our building. Last week I was so frustrated I was ready to buy coloring books and crayons because I felt like all I was doing was babysitting. Yesterday was so completely different. I decided at the last minute to teach about personality again, this time using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). I get so charged about this stuff.

For those of you unfamiliar with the MBTI there are temperaments and types all based on 8 personality traits (E-extroversion or I-introversion; S-sensing or N-iNtuitive; T-thinking or F-feeling; and J-judging or P-perceiving). I especially am drawn to this instrument because it focuses on the normal and positive rather than basing its findings on abnormal or negative. I come out as an ENFP when I take the inventory.

So I’m working my way through the descriptions of things and relating this to behaviors and work. I’m using myself as an example. I had been referring to my E-ness, my N-ness, my F-ness and yes, finally my P-ness. They lost it. I said it without even thinking. We had to take a break. I’m sure I turned at least 15 shades of red. But an amazing thing happened. I had their attention and in the end—they got it! I may forever have a p-ness, but they will learned some stuff that may help them to function more productively, too.

Well, it’s time to head for the jail. TTFN


wilsonian said...

This is brilliant... you couldn't have planned it this well!

daisyaday said...

That's perfect. The upside of totally embarrassing yourself is that it really breaks the ice for everyone else.

I hope your holiday is peaceful. I was catching up on my reading here, and it sounds like things have been anything but peaceful for you. I'm praying for things to be resolved for you in exactly the right time and way. Keep your chin up, girlfriend.

Judy said...

Oh. My.

My son told me that this same type of situation occurred at a very conservative place he was working.

A lovely young girl turned to the director not too long after MBTI training and said "There it is again. Your P-ness coming out." There was an uncomfortable moment until the correct interpretation dawned.

Oh, and by the way, my husband is an ENFP. It's my favorite of all the personalities. My oldest son is one also.

I am an INTJ. My J-ness comes out alot, but it isn't nearly so embarrassing to say!

I have NO DOUBT that you had their FULL attention after that!