Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just a cold

I feel some better. I had to work last night at Curves. Even though they cut back on some people's hours, I went in extra to cover the circuit because Beth had three tours back to back to back. They would all laugh when she hollared out: Mooooommmm. I just smiled.

Since I was feeling so yucky I left when one of the other fitness techs arrived early for staff meeting. I went home and hung out with Asher so Nelson could go to bed. He still loves his job and his mood is so much better that I love his job too!

I went to bed at 10. I took two Aleve and slept really good. Last night I ached all over, but especially in my hips. This morning the aching seems to be gone and I'm just congested--so I think I'll live.

It was quite cool to have a radio while I traveled yesterday. Part of the time I listened to the radio and part of the time I listened to a Christmas CD. I am in love with my steering wheel controls. I can change things and not take my eyes off the road. It's wonderful!!!

Asher had a follow up appointment yesterday. Beth said it took all of 15 minutes (she knows because of the time stamp on the parking garage ticket. The doc flashed a light in his eyes and said he was improving come back in 3 months. Beth found out that the doc travels once a month to our town so she's going to set the appointment up for here rather than driving over an hour in horrendous traffic. Makes sense to me.

When Asher and I were hanging out, he began taking all the stuff out of his diaper bag. He looked up at me and in his way told me he had been at the eye doctor. I took my finger and held it up to his eye and said, "And she used a light to look at your eyes." He took my hand, ever so gently, and held it to his eye and repeated "eye doctor" several times, then he laid his head in my lap and smiled. It was the sweetest thing. So many kids are afraid of doctors, but he seemed to have such a peacefull reaction. It was just cool.

Well, I'm off to Stown today. I get to see participants, deliver paychecks (always makes me popular), and drop off boxes of Christmas candy to referring agencies. It's chocolates from our local "best chocolates ever" place. I'm sure that will make me everybody's favorite today, too!

May there be sweet moments and good chocolate in your day as well!

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Judy said...

Such a fun age!

(ours, too!)