Sunday, December 23, 2007


I woke up coughing and had to pee. Now I'm awake and coughing. The wind is wild out there this morning.

A couple of funny things from yesterday:
You all can imagine that getting through a green light is a prayed for occurance (Stay green, stay green, please at least stay yellow till I get through. Thank you God!) Well, at one of the heaviest trafficked lights we were behind a little car with teenagers in it. The light was red and he leans over to her (she's driving) and starts with the tonsil hockey. Light changes. Traffic ahead takes off. I start to laugh. Nelson starts to laugh. I laid on the horn. No quick toot is sufficient here. He told me I should have sped up beside them when I got a chance so he could put his window down and hollar, "Get a room!" It's a good thing we never did anything like that when we were young and in love...

At another point he said something and I quipped, "You're such an ISTJ (which he is and I'm an ENFP--totally exact opposites in MBTI).
He: I always have been.
Me: I know.
He: Is that bad?
Me: No, it's just that over the years it's become more pronounced.
He: And?
Me: (Now fumbling for the right words that will not sound judgmental) It's just that...You sometimes...Your J-ness (in comparifon with my complete P-ness) is well....challenging to get along with.
He: I am NOT inflexible.
Me: How in the world did you know the word I was trying to avoid? (He's not a psychology major...I guess perhaps he has been listening to me all these years)
He: I have worked on my Kreske impersonation (I think he meant Carnac, like on Johnny Carson, but I wasn't about to correct him since I knew what he meant...our relationship goes that way a lot: he corrects everything and I don't...saves on at least half the arguments).
He: Besides, (he continues) we're connected, we're more than soul-mates.

He's right.

He gave our poor server heart failure.
She: How's everything tasting (typical server question, asked on the fly-by hoping that nothing is wrong)?
He: There's a serious problem here (said absolutely seriously)
She: Oh no. What is it?
He: My steak is cooked perfectly and that just doesn't happen.
She: (Once she starts breathing again) Oh...I'll let the cook know (translated: I could just throw this plate at you mister)
Later, when Nelson is signing the credit slip:
He: So, what should I leave you as a tip?
She: (obviously uncomfortable with the question) Whatever?
He: You might want to do better than that.
She: Well, if you want to match my best, it was $100.
He: (Oh my gosh, no comment--you go girl! I'm thinking, but saying NOTHING!)
He left almost $15 to round our bill to an even number. He's just like that. It was about a 30% tip. He's so generous. For one brief second it actually seemed like he was going to drop the $100 on her. I wouldn't have even blinked. It would just be him and his way to bless someone. We don't have a lot but he feels compelled to share. Adopting the family from church was his idea completely.

Beth wanted a comforter set for Christmas. One of those bed in a bag sets. She gave us three options. The prettiest was also the most expensive--fortunately it was also on sale. If we just wrapped it, she would know we got it for her. So, tricky Nelson decides while she's out that we would take the shredder (a present he bought for himself) out of it's box (which has been sitting at the foot of the stairs for the past two weeks--I have the bruise on my leg to prove it)and put the comforter set in it and give Beth the "shredder" for Christmas. It's doubly funny because we shred everything at Curves and she was commenting to me on how "hooked" she was becoming on that machine. Now she'll have one of her own (wink).

Well, Nelson is going to take me to McDonalds for breakfast, so I should probably get my shower and get ready for church. Have you ever been to McDonalds for early morning breakfast? It's packed with the AARP crowd. Guess I better fill out my card...grins: I'm feeling old, guess I just didn't know how old.

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