Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sore Throat

Can’t swallow.
Last evening I took a friend out to dinner and then to shop at Goodwill. Towards the end I was really starting to feel punky. She asked if I would come in and I felt bad begging off, but I could barely hold my head up.

When I got home I tended to Asher until Beth got home. I couldn’t find his glasses. When she got home neither could she. She got a bit testy about it and I was in no state to deal with that. Ron found the glasses when he got home. Asher had taken them off and put them in a cowboy hat in the less than traveled space in the dining room. Go figure. The reason it was so crucial to find them is that his follow up appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist is this morning.

I would gladly stay home and try to sleep, but since I took last Tuesday off that is not even the remotest possibility as long as I can move. I can breathe okay, which is could. My eyes are gunky and burn when I leave them open for a few minutes. Swallowing is the real problem. I have no cough to speak of. I’m a little achy.

The challenge for me on a day like this is that my job requires talking--lots of it. I present the program in an orientation format. I follow up with participants, talking with them about what they’re doing to find work. I should also call on several employers to discuss meantime jobs (part-time positions to tide folks over until they can secure full-time placements).

I’m thinking I need to locate my bag of Hall’s soothers and dig out a mug I can keep tea in all day. Oh, and I’m supposed to work at Curves tonight to cover for a young gal who has a college final. Yehaw!

At least my new car has music….to bad I won’t be able to sing along. “)

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