Saturday, December 15, 2007

A Peace-filled Saturday

What a wonderfully lazy sort of afternoon.

I worked this morning at Curves. I worked by myself last night, too. The gal I was supposed to work with last night and then train on Saturday duties today called in yesterday MORNING to say she was sick and wouldn’t be in at 4:00 to work. She doubted she would be well enough to come in this morning either. I went to work last night even though I felt like crap. I could barely swallow—comes from talking too much with a cold. I just wanted to go to bed. But I worked. Alone. Honestly, I prefer it. I get the work done much quicker than anyone else and I’m typically out of there in half the time.

Today we weren’t too terribly busy. I think a lot of people stayed home or did their grocery or Christmas shopping earlier than normal to avoid getting caught in the weather. Typically the last club member is out of there by 11:40. I chatted a bit with our last member and she didn’t leave until around 11:50. When I walked with her to the door there was no weather happening. Ten minutes later there was an inch of snow and it was coming down fast and furious.

I kept one eye on the door and finished my cleaning. On a regular Saturday getting out of our lot can be tricky and result in a long wait and the generosity of someone kind enough to let you in. Today the snarl was compounded by an accident that happened right out in front. What a mess!

I needed to get something from my office so I crawled with traffic over there, picked up what I needed and headed towards home. What a difference five minutes can make! Our side street was slick, but I made it out to the more traveled road. Cruising along came to an abrupt halt at a light where I needed to turn right. My lane had had no treatment whatsoever. The road is a small hill—going down. At the bottom of the hill, at the light, sat a HUGE, old conversion van. And he was going nowhere. I needed him to move or we were going to have a meeting of the bumpers. I applied my brakes ever so carefully and proceeded to slide and spin down the hill. The guy behind me had the audacity to honk because I wasn’t moving fast enough. Fortunately, right as I was almost completely out of room the van advanced and proceeded to move ahead at sloth speed. The guy behind me honked again. I will confess that I was thinking about not so nice places to place his horn.

I made it home and my car is parked and will remain in the garage until I learn how to engage and use the four wheel drive.

It has snowed all afternoon. It was a wonderful afternoon for hot chocolate. And Asher was so excited to have Mema, Pepa, and Mommio home that he didn’t want to take his nap. He was obviously needing one so I grabbed a bottle and rocked him to sleep. He’s snoring softly on the couch across the room from me. The TV is off and I’m just soaking in the serene sounds around me.

I think that my peace-filled feeling is due in large part to burden or concern being lifted. Annie called last night. She was so excited, I swear she could just about jumped through the phone! She got a job. She had been working part time as a server for the country club in her town. She was very concerned about finances and the fact that the company was going to have a two week shut down in January.

A friend put her on to bookkeeping job for a medical supply company that works with people who are diabetic and IV users. When she called about the job, the owner told her that she hired someone else for the bookkeeping job because she wanted to train Annie to replace her. She told her that she had too much personality and people skills to sit in a back office doing billing. Annie was thrilled. One of the biggest pluses to the job is full insurance coverage starting immediately. Did I mention she’s absolutely ecstatic? Oh, and the job doesn’t start until right after the new year: thus enabling her to give a two week notice and not lose any pay on shut down!

Both my girls are employed and happy in their jobs. It makes this mom smile. And it was just such a peace filling, mind resting, heart buoying feeling. And to top it off, Nelson loves his job, too. It’s all good!


Saija said...

after all your stress re the legal stuff ... then the snow storm ... i'm glad you have had some serene, peaceful quiet time ...

blessings on ya!

Judy said...

What happy news!