Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

It’s been a full day. I got up and went to work out early. I hung out with Asher all morning. Around 1:00 Nelson and I left for the airport after a stop at Aldi’s to pick up a few toys for the sweeties. I dropped him off at the curb since I couldn’t really wait with him and then went to Easton to meet up with my sister. She had an emotional crisis earlier in the week and it was good to get together.

We had a blast shopping and eating together. When we got to Cheesecake Factory (about 3:30) there was an hour wait. Fortunately, the buzzer-notifier thingy worked at the two stores on either side of the restaurant (Barnes and Nobel and Crate and Barrell)so we shopped while we waited. Dinner was quite yummy! We ate appetizers for our meals and then split a piece of carrot cake cheesecake. Yum.

The real fun came when we walked around looking at clothes. She worked retail many, many years ago and she was being Cathy Critiquer of all the displays. It was a hoot. We ooooohed and ahhhhhhed our way through Coldwater Creek, Talbots, and Macy’s. I wanted to go to the perfume counter and smell all the expensive yummy perfumes. I was hoping to find a particular fragrance. I just love it when someone walks by wearing that scent. Next time I’m going to ask what they’re wearing because I didn’t find it tonight.

We looked at a scazillion sweaters at Macy‘s. We each bought one. We also dug through the purses. Sis bought a Fossil bag. It was so cute and really cheap. We bought some really well-discounted (70% off) leather shoes. And at Barnes and Noble I got the most recent edition of the Official Scrabble Dictionary and a Manheim Steamroller Christmas CD--since my new car has a CD player!!!

Nelson called while we were shopping at Macy’s. His flight (Skybus) was good to Greensborough and he had a nice tour of the Maryberry sites before he left for home. When he called he got really serious and said that he thought he should save me from the new car. In order to protect me he would make the ultimate sacrifice and drive that car. I read right through that ploy! It drives like a dream and he can’t wait for me to get it. He’s already more than half-way home. Hopefully he’ll make it home before the rain turns to sleet/ice.

Sweetest of dreams.

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