Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Quick Review

Okay. Let’s see what I remember from this year…a strained memory review of 2007:

January: we packed up and moved to the current house. Having more room seemed like heaven. Nelson was doing great at his job. Asher celebrated his 1st birthday.

February: Nelson surprised me with a weekend trip to Brown County Indiana for our wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful weekend.

March: Not good…I can’t remember anything.

April: I turned 50 (not going to forget that…perhaps that’s why I can’t remember March…lol). We also had our first Breaking the Barriers seminar for Transformation Network.

May: Ann moved home. Ron moved in. Nelson turned 49.

June: We moved the packaging plant without missing any work. It was insane. I went to visit Mom in Arizona. It was wonderful. We played 87 games of Scrabble!

July: We hired a new supervisor for the packaging program and I poured everything I knew into him.

August: The contract was renewed for one of our outlying counties and I had to play catch up. Mom had to have surgery and couldn’t come to visit like she planned. Ron moved out.

September: We had our second Breaking the Barrier seminar. This time we took it on the road to Coshocton County.

October: Ann turned 25. She and Nelson were on the outs. My job responsibilities began to change and be redefined—all for the good!

November: Beth turned 24. Things got really bad for Nelson where he was working. Nelson took me on an amazing surprise trip to Kansas City over Thanksgiving weekend. Caden turned 2. Ann and Travis' divorce was finalized.

December: Nelson started a new job. Nelson bought me a new-er car (2002 Jeep Liberty). I call her Smurfette: she’s blue and knows to handle herself in tough situations. She’s smart and sassy. Penelope turned 4. I received the life altering news from the attorney general about my legal status and it was a temporarily crushing blow.

So now I look back and see what I may have missed (checked out diary entries):
January: started my job at Curves. I work for t-shirts.
March: wow! There really wasn’t much going on then. Lol
August: Sheesh! How could I forget I had surgergy. Those must have been some good drugs!September: Bus trip to Ashville and Tennessee.

That will do for a mini-review…next comes what I want to do next year!

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