Sunday, December 02, 2007

Better Than Control

Home again. What a trip. It was raining hard all the way home. My body is all in knots from being tense the whole way home. When I got home, I found that the elves had been busy here! Nelson, Ron and Beth put lights up on the house, decorated the yard, and put up our new pre-lit tree. There's still work to be done but it is feeling quite a bit more festive here.

It was good to be with Annie and the kids these last couple days. I took them shopping to pick some groceries and a few other things they needed (like shoes, socks, and cleaning supplies). I took them out for Chinese buffet for lunch today after church. Afterwards, Annie told the kids to thank me because I paid and Pnel said, "Thanks Mema because she paid." Her gratitude quickly became a song that she sang the rest of the way home.

Asher greeted me at the door when I got home. He's getting around just fine. We've decided to decorate the tree that's at Asher height with things that he can't break. The other thing I'm going to suggest is having a tree just for him. I have a little two foot tree that I have a string of Winnie the Pooh character lights on that could be just for him. We'll see.

I'm tired. Very tired. I wasn't thinking straight or looking at successive calendars when I scheduled class again next week. Tomorrow I'm making a presentation to the county service agencies at their monthly lunch. I was hoping to use our powerpoint presentation, but I still don't know how to run the machine. And then there's two parties this week: Thursday and Friday. Sigh.

Nelson starts his new job tomorrow. He says he's nervous--I couldn't tell. He's decided to enroll in the nearby state university to improve his knowledge and skills on the CNC machines. One of the big changes will be he'll be working with graphite. I was hoping that the new company would have a web site so I could direct you there...maybe soon. All I really know is that it's much dirtier work. I guess we'll see.

Hmmmmm, life is in we'll see mode right now. That really used to be something that would bug me. I needed to have things planned out. I needed to know how things were going to go. I was always looking to have control or feel like I had it. Maybe being tired isn't so bad a thing. I don't have the energy to try and orchestrate life. In a way like I don't ever remember, I'm really okay with letting God be God. And that's a very good thing.

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HeyJules said...

You've certainly had a full plate lately! I'm tired and I'm just READING about it all...

Here's to wishing you and Nelson a quieter time in the future - and best luck to him on his first day of work!