Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Working through the fog

Winter returned this morning. My boss told me to suck it up, engage the 4 wheel drive, and get to Norwalk. So I did. On the way I decided that snow, fog, and blowing was way too much to deal with at one time. I ended up going about 30mph the whole way. The road didn’t really necessarily require that slow speed, but I was behind about a mile long line of traffic. The good news is that I arrived safe and on time. By the time I drove home, the only road hazard was blowing snow and even that wasn’t too bad. Bad news is that it’s still snowing and I have to drive to Sandusky tomorrow.

I spent a chunk of time this afternoon trying to come up with a resume and cover letter for a man who recently go t out of prison after serving 27 years. While he was incarcerated he finished his GED, and got both his Associate of Arts degree and his Bachelor of Science in Business Management. I really like the cover letter I wrote. I considered all different kinds and formats. I’m thinking that I may try and develop it like I would for someone just coming out of college. The similarity is that both have training but no work experience. I’m meeting with him tomorrow to discuss it.

Well, I’m going to watch the last few minutes of Biggest Loser and then hit the hay. Sweet dreams.

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