Sunday, January 06, 2008

Purse Shopping

I went purse shopping today. What a headache. I went to Walmart yesterday and didn’t find anything like what I wanted. Today I started by making a quick stop at Goodwill . Nothing. I guess by the time a purse ends up at Goodwill it is really not worth having. Next I drove to Mansfield and checked out Gabriel Brothers. I found several that I liked and the prices were awesome. I ended up buying a cute and yet practical one that meets all my requirements. Yay!

I decided that I should probably check a couple more spots just to be sure that I didn’t settle too soon. So I headed down the road to TJ Max. I fell in love with the first purse I found. It was a Ralph Lauren. It was marked down to $60 from $129. I started laughing so hard that I ended up having a terrible coughing spell. For comic relief I went ahead and looked at the rest of the purses—I found nothing that I liked! I went next door to Target. Oh, there were some cute ones there and they were all on sale. I carried around one bag and almost bought it, but I just couldn’t justify spending another $11. I mean, what would I do with two purses that I could use at the same time? I have always just had one purse for everyday. I must confess that I also have a cute little evening bag that will never, ever wear out since I have so very few “evening” occasions. Additionally, I have a small bag I use when traveling. But to have more than one everyday bag is just a foreign concept to me.

While I was shopping for purses I checked out the wallets. Oh my…it’s been a really long time since I bought a wallet. They actually wanted more for wallets than for some of the purses I looked at. I will just have to make the one I have last a while longer.

Well, excuse me I have to transfer everything and find my change purse. I guess Asher wanted the coins. Too bad it doesn’t have a clapper.

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