Monday, January 14, 2008

Sweet Stuff

Sweet Oil Moment
I got to work and Beth was moaning about her ear aching. She was afraid she was yelling all day because it was so stopped up she couldn’t hear. She hit CVS on her way home and picked up some Sweet Oil. Did you know that Sweet Oil is just Olive Oil? I put some in her ear and had her put some cotton in, too. She’s already wanting to take it out. Silly girl.

This reminded me of when the girls were little, but it wasn’t Beth that had ear problems, it was Ann. Her ears would play ping pong with the infection. Often they would be so infected that they would just burst. I kept asking if that was a good thing. The doctors said not to worry. I was always afraid that there would be so much scar tissue from the bursting that it would affect her hearing. Fortunately, she out grew it before that happened.

I remembered when the girls were little and I was trying to get WIC for them. I ended up hoping that something would be wrong with them so that I could get them milk, cereal, and cheese. It was humiliating. In the end we got the staples because they determined that Ann had chronic ear infections—surprise, surprise! And Beth was undertall for her weight. Thankfully, they both outgrew their issues.

I ran out of hours today. I was working on bringing my files up to date. Oh, I forgot to announce it, but I accomplished one of the goals on my list. I put all my files in my filing cabinet. Yehaw!!! I also worked on organizing my teacher’s manual. It felt good. Hard stuff for someone who’s ‘P’-ness is pretty thorough. But it’s really quite nice to know where stuff is.

Winter has returned. It was a lazy snow all day with more on the way all week long. That doesn’t thrill me at all. Hope there’s some warmth and accomplishment in your day.


HeyJules said...

Way to go on crossing something off your list! Congrats my friend!

daisyaday said...

Mmm, forgot about that. WIC was a godsend when we were a young, broke family. Who would have thought ear infections could be a blessing? :)

The files getting put away is awesome. What a nice accomplishment. Sometimes I wonder how I got anything done when the kids were little--I feel like it takes me forever to finish a project now. You're inspiring me.