Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sleepy Ramblings

I actually thought about sleeping in my office tonight. Everyone in my home is sick. Fevers, chills, sore throats, aching backs, coughs Oh my. Baby Asher is all congested and snotty. Ron feels crappy. Nelson feels better than death, but not by much. Beth is laying on the couch describing fever stuff and just looking beyond miserable. I’m finally feeling better. I hardly coughed today at all and I talked a lot because I taught in Norwalk.

Tomorrow I start the day in Sandusky (leave at 7:10, arrive at 8:30 and see participants until 11:30) and then dash to Norwalk to teach again (12-4). Since Beth is sick we rearranged the schedule at Curves and I’ll be covering the closing shift (5-8). It’s going to be one long day followed by another long day on Thursday (teach 8-4 and Relay for Life organizational meeting 7-9) and more of the same on Friday (ministerial breakfast at 7:30, Wayne County Jail 9-11, and Curves 5-8). I’m already looking forward to Saturday’s completely open calendar.

I don’t like wishing life away like that. It seems like racing the hearse. I mean who’s to say that Saturday won’t end up full of unexpected things? To not enjoy the gift each day holds, either because of it’s scheduledness or in spite of it seems utterly ungrateful.

Speaking of calendars (now there’s an interesting segue), I actually broke down and ordered a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies from a lady at Curves. She brought the sheet in for her daughter. (The segue comes from when I was a scout and our other big money raiser was calendar sales.)

Well, I better get this posted since I’m falling asleep. May all your dreams be sweet ones.

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thefrogpryncess said...

bless you...and peace on you and yours.