Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Good Day

I’m currently sitting outside one of the local coffee cafes (it's located in a mall of sorts, so I'm really indoors but sort of isolated but able to see outside), enjoying the quiet, writing a couple week’s worth of journal prompts for our church (they correspond to the pastor’s sermon for the week), and sipping on a yummy egg nog latte. Wireless internet is an amazing thing.

I had written devotional guides for our church last year and we sort of took a break for the fall quarter and just never got back at it until today. I received an email from the coordinator asking how soon I could get week one to her. She had it in a couple hours and then a couple hours later I just mailed her the second week.

Pastor is going to be doing a series of sermons from Ecclesiastes for the next seven weeks. I wanted to get a commentary to boost my knowledge for this task so I went to our local Christian Bookstore to see what they might have. I found a paperback commentary, but didn’t really want to spend the $14.95 + tax so I browsed a little further. Much to my delight, I found the same commentary on the sales shelf, only the sale copy was hard bound! And for $4.95 less!! I picked it up with a quick “thank you Jesus” and headed to the register. My delight had only begun! When the cashier rang up my purchase I quickly discovered that the shelf I picked the book from was half price—so I got it for $5.34. When the cashier told me to have a good day, I couldn’t help but tell him that it already was!

I wasn’t so sure how my day was going to go this morning as I headed to work. My morning task was going to be to teach the tough crowd at our building. I can usually have fun with them and turn a less than pleasant time into some fun (see the entry on my “p-ness”). But I wasn’t so sure this morning since I was feeling strong leading about tackling the topic of forgiveness. It’s not something that goes well with this crowd—about as well as talking about how they need to get a job. I am, however, very pleased and thankful to report that the discussion went very well. The first hour I laid the ground work for an upcoming series on conflict management and then spent the second hour on forgiveness. The group was surprisingly thought-full and open. It was really pretty awesome.

As I am sitting here typing this there is a heavy gray winter sky and a light, lazy snow drifting to the ground. It’s very peaceful. It fits how I feel. There’s a lot of things I could do tonight, but I think I’m just going to go home and bask in the wonder of the day—and play with Elmo, hug Asher, and probably wash a few dishes!

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