Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tomorrow has become Today

Going back to work in a brand new outfit makes going back to work after vacation more palitable. There's just something to be said for knowing you look good that builds confidence.

Last night I bookmarked some toddler sites on my new computer. Asher loves to climb up on my lap and "type." It has way more to do with being the center of things than it with putting his fingers on the keyboard so I decided to make the time interactive and add some learning. Besides there's plenty of "non-lap" days ahead.

Nelson is going to give his notice today and accept the new position. As he was leaving he double checked with me to see if I still thought it was a good idea. There are so many positives it's hard to even list the negatives. The worst part, and sort of an unknown, is the fact that he'll be working with graphite--dirty, dirty work. We've thought a couple times that we should call the dirty jobs guy to come in and check it out. He'll just be black with the stuff. I guess we'll see what'll we see when we see it.

At his last visit to the ankle doctor, where he pronounced him severely arthritic in his ankle, the docotor perscribed Celebrex. It has helped immensly. In addition to reducing the pain in his ankle, the medication has relieved the pain in his back. He feels so much better that he told me last night that he'd like to add exercise to he days! It's been a long time since he's felt up to that. He did exercises when he was rehabing his ankle, but it was required of him, not something HE wanted to add or do. This is a very exciting development!

Well, I need to dash now...more later.


daisyaday said...

Wow, I'm catching up with your vacation a little after the fact, but still enjoyed it vicariously!

I'm with you on that whole 9-5 issue. I'd love to write for a living. Have you written anything of any length yet? I think I would tend to do the non-fiction as well.

Saija said...

i'm just thrilled to my toes about how God has blessed your life - from where i first met you, three years ago!!! you've remained faithful, and God ALWAYS IS faithful = which equals peace & blessings ...

YAY for you guys ...

thefrogpryncess said...

Make sure he eats with that medication. It can tear up his tummy. Congrats on his new job.