Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Surprise Revealed!

Right before we sat down to dinner Nelson started acting like a game show host. He sent Beth and Ron upstairs. He said, "And now for the grand prize question. Daisymarie, how much do you love me?" I answered, "Completely." He shouted, "That's correct. You're the winner. Johnny, tell her what she's won."

Then he went through a list that left me with my jaw on the floor. Here's most of it:-we're driving to Columbus and flying to Kansas City tonight on Skybus.-we're renting a car and driving to the Holiday Inn in the Plaza (where the Christmas lights will already be on and one of my mostest favorite places in the world).-he has ticket for me to ice skate at Crown Center Friday night.-he has several gift cards for me to spend either in the Plaza or on Monday at Easton when we get back to Columbus.-we have tickets for the Kansas City Symphony on Saturday night.-we have tickets for the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders game on Sunday afternoon. -we fly back to Ohio late on Sunday night.

And if that's not enough: he got me a brand new Gateway laptop with a 17" screen. It's got vista and office. It's phenomenal. I'm typing on it right now. It's going to take some getting used to the location of the buttons--but I'll suffer through! ")

The gift cards include: Crabtree and Evlyn, Ann Taylor, Talbotts, Barnes and Noble, J. Crew, and the Sharper Image. A couple new shops for me!

We've had a good day. Lunch was different with ham loaf and lasagna. Nelson made enough for an army. I'm abundantly thankful that there have been no words between Ann and Nelson--they've been cordial. I'll take it. I'm also smiling at the thought of pulling away from the disaster that used to be my living room. Thankfully, it will clean, too.

Well I need to finish packing. Easy on the leftovers!


HeyJules said...


I get to meet Daisymarie! YIPPEE!!!

Saija said...

i'm weepy happy for you! amazing! and you deserve every last bit of it too! (((hugs)))