Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, yesterday's entry was pre-empted by a dead computer screen. How terribly inconvienent. Fortunately, it is still under warrenty so HP is sending a postage paid box for us to return it and we'll get a new by Christmas maybe.

The week has been full. The class is going well. The new format is somewhat challenging--mainly because it just doesn't seem like it's going to end. (We--translate I--expanded from 3 days to 4 since we went from whole days to half.) I'm definitely going to be ready for the weekend.

Beth's birthday is on Sunday. My baby is going to be 24. When and how did that happen? She picked Red Lobster for her birthday dinner. I've noticed a commercial for a shrimp feast that is just calling out my name! ")

The class I've been teaching this week started with 14, had 15 yesterday and this afternoon we gain 2 more. Yehaw!

One of the lessons yesterday was on the importance of teamwork but understanding it with the knowledge they had gained about their personality and its strengths and weaknesses. In the past Bob has taught this unit and uses an exercise that he likes a lot. I don't. It's just not me. So I did something else. ")

I dug out several of the large floor Pooh and Friends puzzles I used when I was still doing child and family therapy. They're big, about 3 foot. I had the group divide into teams of 3 or 4. Then in each group there were to be two "mouths" who couldn't use their hands and two who were "hands" and had to do as instructed with their eyes closed. After about 15 minutes I had them switch roles. After about 15 minutes of that I changed it up again by telling them to just put the puzzle together.

This was so interesting. Not one group planned or strategized they just dove in. All four groups were trying to put the puzzles together on the table--not nearly enough room. It was really hard to get some of the mouths to not use their hands. Frustration was all around.
I pulled a chair off to the side and stood up on it so that I could get a good view of all 4 groups.

Some of the staff out in the work area saw me and laughed. To say the least I'm a little unorthodox. But it works so well.

Today we discussing mission, goals, and priorities--unless I change it up a bit a bring communication over into today. The priorities lesson was Bob's too and I need to work and make it mine, like I did with teamwork. ")

Have a grand day!

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