Monday, November 26, 2007

Coming to a Sweet End

Well, we're home. We got in to Columbus around 1:30AM and to the hotel by 2:20AM. Nelson had a wonderful room reserved for us at the Marriot. Their beds are so luxurious. Nelson said he couldn't get comfortable. I felt like I just melted into a marshmellow.

This morning we had a quick bite of breakfast and then started shopping in Easton. The weather had turned cold and drizzly. We spent some time in one of my favorite stores: Barnes and Nobel. I found some really good stuff and Nelson copied down some titles that he's going search for online.

We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Oh my. We brought our cheesecake home and a couple pieces to share with Beth, Ron, and Asher.

When we pulled into town we noticed gas right by the freeway was 3.15. We held out to one of the cheaper spots and amazingly got it for 2.87. That was a nice find!

Nelson made me unpack the suitcases. I don't know where I'm going to put everything. I"ll have to get rid of stuff to make more room. I'm not going to be a horder!

It was so wonderful to see Asher. His "Hi, Mema" and "Hi, Pepa" were just like music to my ears. I think he's grown at least an inch and his vocabulary has doubled in a week. ")

Our very last vacation stop was at a shop here in town that we've heard good things about but have never stopped in: Grandpa's Cheesebarn and Sweeties Jumbo Chocolates. I bought 2 expresso caramels...oh my!!! We also bought something very special. While we were shopping we spotted some Advent Goodie Things. It's not really a calendar, but sort of serves the same purpose. The one we bought is a tree with 24 doors on it that the "child" can open to find surprises. It is such a neat thing. We're going to start it as a tradition with Asher. It's wood and handpainted. It's just darling and it looks adorable on my mantle right now.

I decided something this weekend: I could really get used to not working a 5 day 40 hour kind of week. To further that reality I bought some very specific books on writitng. My focus is on non-fiction so I got a book about getting more able and ready to do that and also a book on overcoming fear. I just have to figure out how to make money writing and only working when I want to or need to. I must still be dreaming...

I knew the dream was coming to an end today though because my phone rang at least 4 times with calls from work. Oh well, in a while we'll enjoy our cheesecake and tomorrow will just have to wait to intrude on my vacation!

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HeyJules said...

New books AND cheesecake? Wow, you really ARE a spoiled princess!

Good for you buying those new books, DM. Can't wait to see where you go with this. ;-)